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Monthly SEO Packages Ireland:

SEO Ireland: Basic Package

Suitable for businesses with limited budget that offer products and services to customers all over Ireland. Increase your website's traffic and improve your sales and conversion rates!

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SEO Ireland: Complete Package

Ideal for Irish Businesses that face big online competition offering their products and services all over the country. Improve your rankings and rise above the competition!

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What is SEO and why is it Important for Your Business?

Monthly SEO Packages Ireland

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps websites to obtain better rankings on search engines like Google.

It involves the application of different marketing strategies and techniques. The website optimisation process includes both on-site and off-site improvements.

SEO marketing is suitable for Small and Big Irish Businesses that would like to reach target customers from all over the country. Our affordable SEO packages will help you increase the organic traffic to your website. The site optimisation will also improve significantly your sales and conversion rates.

If you have a Local Business in Ireland you will benefit much more from our Monthly Local SEO Packages.



SEO Benefits for Your Business in Ireland:

☑ An increase in the Number and Quality of visitors to your websiteAffordable SEO Services

☑ Higher Conversion Rates – website optimisation helps to improve greatly user experience and usability

☑ It is very cost effective – with SEO marketing you do not need to pay for ads all the time

☑ Organic Search results get more clicks than PPC (paid advertising)

☑ It is a Long Term marketing strategy. The website SEO effect will last for a number of years

☑ Website optimisation is a long term investment that will pay off in the long run. Your site will appear on the first pages of Google in Ireland and you do not need to spend much to achieve it. SEO packages are much cheaper compared to the expenses that would have every month if using PPC (pay-per-click). Some companies are spending thousands of euros every month to make sure that they appear on page 1 on Google.





Monthly SEO PACKAGES Ireland Prices:

 SEO Ireland Packages –  SEO prices and features are adapted to fit best your business needs and budget.

SEO Ireland Prices- Basic Package
€299 monthly
✅ 5 Keywords Research
✅ Keywords Ranking Report
✅ 5 Title Tags Optimisation
✅ 5 Meta Tags Optimisation
✅ 5 Internal Link Building
✅ 5 Images Optimisation
❌ Duplicate Content
❌ Social Media Recommendations
✅ Content Optimisation
❌ Backlinks Analysis & Report
❌ Broken Links Report
✅ Website Speed Improvement
✅ 5 Competitor Keywords Ranking Report
❌ Website Structure Recommendations
✅ Link Building
✅ Site Map
❌ Google Webmaster Check
✅ Google Analysitcs Report
✅ Monthly Custom Report
SEO Ireland Prices- Complete Package
€899 monthly
✅ 10 Keywords Research
✅ Keywords Ranking Report
✅ 10 Title Tags Optimisation
✅ 10 Meta Tags Optimisation
✅ 10 Internal Link Building
✅ 10 Images Optimisation
✅ Duplicate Content
✅ Social Media Recommendations
✅ Content Optimisation
✅ Backlinks Analysis & Report
✅ Broken Links Report
✅ Website Speed Improvement
✅ 10 Competitor Keywords Ranking Report
✅ Website Structure Recommendations
✅ Link Building
✅ Site Map
✅ Google Webmaster Check
✅ Google Analysitcs Report
✅ Monthly Custom Report


SEO Ireland Packages Features:

  • Keywords Research – choosing the right keywords is very important for your website SEO marketing as they describe what your products and services are all about. Selecting the right keywords would give you a much better chance of attracting the right clients to your website.
  • Title Tag Optimisation – title tags are the clickable headlines displayed on search engine results. It is seo packages Irelandextremely important that are written well and contain the proper keywords in order for your site to rank higher and get more traffic.
  • Meta Tag Optimisation – they are the text snippets that appear on search engine results and describe what your products and services are all about. Meta tags need to be well optimised as they play an important role in your SEO marketing strategy.
  • Internal Link Building – internal links connect one page of your website to another of your site. A well optimised internal linking structure helps search engines and users to easily find the needed information on your website.

  • Images Optimisation – It is essential that all the images on your website are well optimised as this will have a positive impact on your website speed and will improve your SEO marketing.
  • Site Map – It is a list of all the pages available on your website that help search engines understand the content of your site better.
  • Social Media Recommendations – you will get useful recommendations that will help improve your social media strategy and attract new followers and potential customers.
  • Content Optimisation – Your website will become more useful and attractive for visitors. They will able to navigate more easily on your website and find what they are looking for.
  • Competitor Keywords Ranking Report – the report keep you up to date with the keywords ranking positions of your competitors.
  • Link Building – ongoing link building.Affordable SEO Packages
  • Google Analytics Report – monthly report on key SEO ranking factors.
  • Duplicate Content – it refers to identical or similar content found on other websites or different pages of your website. It is important that this type of repetitive content is removed as it affects negatively your website SEO marketing.
  • Website Speed Improvement – if your site is slow it means that you are loosing many potential customers. Statistically most people would not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load before they decide to leave it.
  • Social Media Recomendations – you will be provided with useful recommendations how to manage your social media accounts more effectively and attract more followers and potential customers.
  • Back Links Report– Back links affect greatly websites ranking positions. The analysis will provide you with useful information about the number and type of backlinks leading to your site and will help to create a better link building strategy.
  • Broken Links Report – all broken links need to be fixed where possible as they affect negatively websites rankings.
  • Website Structure Recommendations – well structured website will enhance your chances to rank higher and will improve noticeably user experience.
  • Custom Report – you will get a detailed list describing all website SEO marketing changes that have been made along with the expected results.

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Key Factors for the SEO Management Process: 

Google uses multiple ranking factors in order to decide which website deserves a higher SEO ranking. These factors fall into two main categories which are – On page and Off page optimisation. It is important to note that the most effective SEO marketing involves a mixture of both types of website optimisation.


On Page SEO Ranking FactorsSEO Analysis Ireland

These SEO factors include – Keywords Selection; Images Optimisation; Title & Meta Tags Optimisation; Content Quality & Quantity; Internal Link Building; URL optimisation, Site Map; Website Speed; Website Responsiveness, Site Structure & Navigation.


– Off Page SEO Ranking Factors 

They refer to all activities that you and others are performing away from your website that could affect its ability to rank higher.This includes: Link Building; Social Media Activity; Press Releases, Business Listings, Blog Posts, Articles and Video Submission.




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