Local SEO Ireland – What is it and how does it work?

What is meant by local SEO?

Local SEO in Ireland is also known as local search marketing. It is a very effective way for Big and Small Local Businesses to attract more existing and potential customers. It is also a great way to promote new products and services and inform people about different upcoming events.

Local SEO Ireland increases the chances of your business to be found online by potential clients. If you have a local business like a gift shop in Dublin, restaurant in Limerick, solicitor’s office in Galway etc. many new people will be visiting daily. Optimising your website for local search will help them to find you easily.

Local SEO Ireland

How does Local SEO Marketing work?

Local search focuses on all those search phrases that have some sort of a local keyword in them such as :Local SEO Business Ireland

  • lawyers near me
  • restaurants in Dublin, Ireland
  • plumbers in the area

Local SEO Ireland is a way for search engines like Goolge to offer you the most relevant information that is calculated based on location data. That is why if your website is optimised for Local search nearby people that are looking for products and services like yours will be able to find you instantly.


How important is Local SEO Marketing in Ireland?

Below are some statistics related to local SEO that clearly show its importance for Big and Small Local Businesses:

  • 50% of people who search for a product or a service on their phone went to a physical store within one day. (Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics).
  • 34% of people who used a computer or a tablet to search online did the same.
  • 18% of local mobile searches resulted in a sale within one day.
  • 50% of mobile searchers used their phones to look for things like a local business address.
  • 78% of local-based searches on a mobile device resulted in an off-line purchase


6 Benefits of Local SEO Ireland

1) Reach more customers in your area – people are using their mobile phones and tablets to find the best closely Local SEO Servicessituated local businesses.

2) Increase Website Traffic – if your website is optimised for local SEO in Ireland potential custimers will be able to find you easily on Google. As as a result you will get more high-quality website traffic.

3) Turn searchers into purchasers – many people browse the internet to research products and services before they decide to buy. There are also people that search online beacuse they are ready to make a purchase. They know what they want and if your business shows up in the local search at the right time there is a big chance of converting the searcher into a purchaser.

4) Stay competitive – if you are not using local SEO in Ireland your website will not be able to rank in the local search results. In this cases even if you have a better product at a better price than your competitors you will not be able to reach potential customers.

5) Win loyal local customers – when local customers discover your local business and if they are happpy with the products and services that you provide you will be able to build a long-term relationships with your customers.

6) Reduce advertising costs – having an effective local SEO strategy in Ireland is more beneficial and cost effective compared to paying for ads for local search results.


Who can benefit from Local SEO services in Ireland?

Local Business SEO

Local search engine optimisation can benefit any local business – doctors and medical practices, plumbers, local restaurants, lawyers and lаw firms etc. If done properly local SEO could push your local business to the top of the local search results in Ireland. This could be a great advantage for your business as it will be shown online to potential customers when they are actively searching for products and services like the ones you have to offer.

Who Won’t Benefit from Local SEO in Ireland?

People and businesses that do not have a physical address in Ireland will not be able to apply Local SEO and benefit from it. Businesses that would like to keep their information private will not benefit from local search marketing either. Listings on Google My Business for local SEO can only be created for businesses that have a physical location in Ireland that customers could visit.



It is definitely worth investing in Local SEO. It is an incredibly effective way to promote your local Irish business online. Local customers that are looking for products and services as the ones you have to offer. Internet marketing is a powerful way to to attract online searchers to your offline business and gain a competitive advantage.