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Monthly Local SEO Packages: 


Local SEO: Basic Package

Suitable for Small Local Business with limited budget and low competition. Promote your online products & services and attract more customers. Grow your local business!

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Local SEO: Complete Package

Ideal for Local Business dealing with tough online competition that would like to dominate the local search results. Save money from paid ads and improve ROI. Grow your local business!

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What is LOCAL SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Packages Ireland

Local SEO  (search engine optimisation) is an extremely effective marketing strategy. It will help you to advertise successfully your local business in Ireland. Our affordable Local SEO packages are adapted for Small and Big Local Business that wish to promote their products and services to customers in their area. Local search SEO will bring you long lasting advertising success across Google and all other search engines.

Our Local SEO service packages will help you to rank higher on Google for keywords for a specific geographical location in Ireland (e.g., Pet Shop Dublin or Cinema Cork). People offering to sell local products and services  would benefit a lot from a local marketing campaign. It will show more relevant results to potential customers in the area.






Main factors that will help your rank well in the local search in Ireland

Local website rankings are mainly based on three factors:Local SEO Packages Dublin

  • Proximity – the most important factor that Google takes into account regarding the local search results is how close is your business to the person who is looking for it online.
  • Relevance – presenting detailed information about your business will help Google determine the relevance of the search query in relation to your products and services.
  • Prominence – it refers to what customers are saying about your products and services and how popular your business is. This factor also takes into account links, articles and directories on Google related to your online business.



7 Benefits of SEO for your Business

A well-executed Local business SEO strategy will help you dominate the local Irish search results. It will also bring the following long term benefits:

Local SEO Packages

☑  Higher rankings on Search Engines results pages

☑  Faster results than traditional SEO

☑  Long Lasting Ranking Results that will help you promote your local business products & services and attract more customers

☑  Higher return on investment that will produce more leads

☑  Target market focus – you will be able to reach your targeted audience

☑   Increase Brand awareness of your Local Business so that customers will quickly and easily recognise it

☑  Save a lot of money from PPC



Affordable Monthly Local SEO Packages:

Local SEO Ireland Packages –  SEO pricing and features are adapted to fit best your business needs and budget.

SEO Pricing for Local Business:
€199 monthly
✅ 5 Keywords Research
✅ Keywords Ranking Report
✅ 5 Title Tags Optimisation
✅ 5 Meta Tags Optimisation
❌ Internal Linkbuilding
✅ 5 Images Optimisation
✅ Website Speed Improvement
✅ Google My Business Optimisation
✅ Social Media Recommendations
✅ Site Map
✅ Content Optimisation
❌ Broken Links Report
❌ Press Release Recommendations
✅ Link Building
❌ Duplicate Content
❌ Backlinks Analysis
✅ Webmaster Tools Checks
❌ Google Analytics Report
✅ Monthly Custom Report
SEO Pricing for Local Business:
€499 monthly
✅ 10 Keywords Research
✅ Keywords Ranking Report
✅ 10 Title Tags Optimisation
✅ 10 Meta Tags Optimisation
✅ 10 Internal Linkbuilding
✅ 10 Images Optimisation
✅ Website Speed Improvement
✅ Google My Business Optimisation
✅ Social Media Recommendations
✅ Site Map
✅ Content Optimisation
✅ Broken Links Report
✅ Press Release Recommendations
✅ Link Building
✅ Duplicate Content
✅ Backlinks Analysis
✅ Webmaster Tools Checks
✅ Google Analytics Report
✅ Monthly Custom Report


Local SEO Ireland Packages Features

 Keywords Research & Ranking Report – the most relevant keywords for your website content will give you a greater chance to rank above your competitors.

Local SEO Services

☑  Title Tag Optimisation – the title tags of your pages appear in all search engine results pages. In order to make people click on them and visit your site they need to contain powerful keywords and to have the correct length. A well optimised title tags will drive more traffic to your website.

☑  Meta Tags Optimisation – these short snippets of text are shown in the search engine results underneath the title tags. They should provide an exact description of the content of your page and are very important for your SEO strategy.

☑  Internal Link building – it helps to improve the user engagement on your site by helping them easily navigate between your web pages and explore more of your products and services. Internal link building could have a very positive impact on SEO.

☑  Images Optimisation – images are strong visual components that can bring your website to life. They are one of the most important factors that can help your website achieve better ranking results. It is essential that all your images are relevant to your website content. They also need to be of very good quality, have the right size, description and title tags.

☑  Link Building – an essential part for the success of your the Local SEO strategy.Link building will improve the online visibility of your local business.

☑  Website Speed Improvement – speed is a major ranking factor for all search engines. Nobody has the patience for a slow website to load no matter how good it is. Optimising your website to be as fast as possible will reduce the bounce rate of your site and will help you gain higher rankings and retain more customers.

  Google Business Page Optimisation – it is an important factor for the success of your marketing strategy. The map with the local Irish search results is the first thing people see when searching.

☑  Social Media Recommendationssocial media gives your business a great opportunity to attract and keep more customers. On the other hand social media is a major factor for search engines that will help you obtain better Local SEO ranking positions.

☑  Backlinks Analysis – Backlinks are created when other websites are linking to yours.The number of Local Searchbacklinks will tell you how popular your website is. The most popular websites are getting the highest rankings on Google and other search engines. You will be provided with information about the number and the quality of different websites that have linked to your website. It is recommended that links from low quality websites are removed as this could hurt your site reputation and rankings.

☑  Site Map Creationsite maps are very helpful for for search engines and visitors as they help them to understand better the content of your site.

☑  Content Optimisation – a content that is well organised, informative and easy to understand will attract and retain more visitors which in turn will result in more conversions.

☑  Broken Links Report – all broken links should be fixed as they could have negative effect on websites rankings.

☑  Website Structure – it matters for both users and search engines. A good structure of the content of your site will impress users and improve your SEO results.

  Press Release Recommendations – press release are a powerful part of the Local SEO strategy. If they are done right they could noticeably boost your website rankings on Google and the other search engines.

☑  Duplicate Content – this is identical or similar content that appears on your site. It is important that all websites have unique content. If some or all of your content is copied from another website or if you have the same content that appears on different pages of your website this could affect negatively your Local search ranking positions.

  Webmaster Tools Check 

☑  Custom Report – the report will describe in detailed all the steps that have been taken for your sites local SEO along with the expected results and benefits.

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Dominate the local search results and attract more customers to your website! Make sure that people are able to easily find your business online!


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