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“SEO Analysis” is an SEO company that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation. The SEO services that we provide include SEO Website Audit, Website Optimisation for Local and National Businesses and SEO Competitor Analysis.

SEO Company

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with more than 10 years experience. In our SEO company digital marketing experts and IT specialists are working side by side. We are solving SEO issues, making sure the problems have been looked from all sides and have been resolved successfully.

We are very passionate and results oriented company. Our aim is to help each of our clients achieve visible results in the organic optimisation of their website. That is why we tailor SEO strategies based on the individual needs of our clients.

We have worked with big and small companies both Irish and international. Our clients come from different types of business sectors – finance, telecommunications, consultancy, engineering and IT. Some of the companies that we have worked with are: IBM, Profi Real Group, Lantel Networks., Alcatel-Lucent France, Programista Ltd.

Get help with your website optimisation from an experienced SEO company and achieve higher search engine rankings! If you decide to hire a marketing specialist or an agency they will be able to find out and fix your existing website problems.


Benefits of hiring an SEO company:

Fix website performance problems

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Improve SEO rankings

Save time & increase revenue

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Measure and analyse results from SEO campaigns


SEO consulting and optimisation services:

Local SEO Services

* Adapted for businesses operating locally:
Designed for Small & Big Local Irish Businesses that wish to promote their products and services to customers in their area. Our Local SEO packages will help your site to rank higher in the local search results. It will also help to significantly increase your site conversion rates.

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National SEO Services

* Ideal for businesses that operate nationwide:
Our website SEO Services are adapted for Small & Big Irish Businesses offering products and services nationwide. They are ideal for companies that need their products and services to appear in internet search results all over Ireland. Choose between our Complete or Basic website SEO services.

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SEO Audit Services

Get a detailed SEO analysis of all the factors that could be affecting your website ranking in search engines. A website SEO audit will reveal errors and point out what needs to be fixed in order to improve your site performance. The analysis report will provide you with an effective SEO marketing strategy to help you increase your website traffic.

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SEO Competitor Analysis Services

Do you wonder why your competitors beat you in the organic search results? In order to outrank your online competitors you need to know their digital marketing strategy. We will help you find out their strengths and weaknesses and build an effective SEO strategy.

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What is your website optimisation score? SEO checker – find out.